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UV Safe
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UV Safe

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UV Safe: Smart UV Air Purifier

Your home should always be the most protected and safest place from the Covid-19 virus. Transmission of the virus is airborne and may move freely in your house. UV devices may be used against viruses and bacteria but may be harmful for people. 

This is why we recommend the usage of UV Safe. It is a sterilization device that absorbs viruses and bacteria in the air, kill them inside the chamber thru UVC sterilization, and emits back a fresh, purified air into your home. 

Thru the Vortex technology, it has a dual effect that is proven to be used safely around people, without releasing harmful UV. UV Safe ensures to provide a sanitized and purified air for the whole family, free from viruses and bacteria.
The advanced and sleek device is ideal for: 
  • Bedroom 
  • Kitchen 
  • Living room
  • Dining Area 
  • Bathroom 
  • Car
  • Work station 
  • Dormitory

  • Kills viruses and bacteria in the air. Infected air and water droplets are easily absorbed into the device and sanitized it with UVC
  • Safe to be used around people. UVC sanitization is safely done inside the device only, thus it is not harmful to be used around people. 
  • Cleans and purifies air.  After sterilization, the device releases back a fresh and purified air for the whole family
  • Dual purpose device. UV Safe provide double action - sterilization and air purification all in one device. 
  • Deodorizes. When used in bathrooms and kitchen, UV Safe emits a fresh clean air, thus removing foul smell in those areas. 
  • Prevents mildew. The device can kill molds in the air indoors and can be used to avoid mildew and dirt caused by molds in humid environment. 
  • Advanced and sleek design. UV Safe’s polished, metallic design can perfectly fit as accent piece in your living room, bedroom, car, work station etc.

  Proven to eliminate viruses and bacteria:


Q. How does UV Safe work?
A. UV safe absorbs the viruses and bacteria in the air, kills them inside the device thru UVC sterilization, and emits back a fresh, clean and purified air back in to the room.

Q: How long does it take before the sterilization takes effect? What is the size of the room that it can sterilize?
A:  It takes about 2 hours for 10 sqm of space. For bigger space, use the device for more than 2 hours. The device may be used continuously for 24 hours. You may also transfer the device to another corner that needs to be disinfected and purified.  

Q: How is it safe to be used for people?
A: The UVC only works in the device’s chamber. It is designed to be fully protected and enclosed with no radiation leakage, thus safe to be used around people.

Q: What is the UVC wavelength of the device?
A: The wavelength is 253nm, which can kill viruses and bacteria.

Q: At what temperature can this product be used?
A: The ambient temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius in order to avoid affecting the performance and life of product.

Q: Can this be used in cars?
A: Yes, this also works well in cars as space is enclosed and viruses and bacteria may be inhaled quickly. Passengers may get viruses from their travel and destination and may transmit droplets and viruses easily in the car, thus there’s a need for continuous air sanitization.                                                                                                                                              
Limited stocks only. Order your UV Safe now and make your home safer from viruses and bacteria.