Live a smarter life

 Our simple and smart tech products aim to make your home smart and help you live a simpler, better and more enjoyable life.

Smart Spray

Disinfect your home consistently with Smart Spray. With just salt and water, you can now generate your own effective disinfectant. It can be used to disinfect multiple items from effectively cleaning produce to killing viruses and bacteria on packages and the whole household.

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UV Safe

Safely sanitize your home with the sleek and advanced UV Safe. With the Vortex Suction technology, it is safe to be used around people and proven to eliminate virus and bacteria in the air, making your home safer and more protected anytime.

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VFace is a solar-powered microcurrent facial roller that firms the skin and muscles, fades fine lines, improves circulation thus making the face look younger and healthier.

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Oido Round

Have a beautiful furniture piece in your room while immersing yourself with a completely rich sound from this smart, stunning and functional Oido Round.

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I'm paranoid with the virus (who's not?) That's why when I got Smart Spray, I use it on just about anything from my packages and groceries to anything that touches the outside world. I love using it too to disinfect my kitchen, table and bathroom. It's really a smart buy!

Tin M.

The Smart Spray is a must for every home! I'm not techie at all but I enjoyed making the disinfectant. :) I like that it has 3 modes so there are a lot of uses. I use it to clean my fruits and veggies (low mode) and to spray on my ordered items (high mode). I'm using it too as a solution for my disinfectant mat :)


Friendly staff, fast transaction, effective Smart Spray device. I will try the UV Safe next time.


I love how simple and very useful their products are. I got the Smart Spray and I just use it everyday and on anything!

Mina H.